Everything is very easy! Simply select the required service and choose the dates for the collection & delivery, leaving any instructions for the driver – we’ll take care of everything else!

Laundry.co.nz provides different services.
Laundry service – the items of clothing are machine washed at 30 degrees and tumble dried at a medium temperature, then packed together.
Dry cleaning – the items are processed individually, dry cleaned then ironed and placed on hangers for you to wear immediately.
Ironing only – you can send us your clean clothes and we can iron them for you. Please have in mind that ironing will not remove all wrinkles if the clothes are extremely creased. If this is the case, we strongly recommend opting for a “Wash service” first and the “ironing service” or you can select “dry clean service”.

We are available in the following locations:

You will be happy to know that our turnaround time is usually 24 hours. We will always do our best to let you know in time if you included items that require a longer time to process, or if there are any delivery changes in your order.

The Eco-Friendly Routes give you the possibility to contribute to the well-being of the environment. Choose them and allow us to collect and deliver in wider time slots, so we can reduce the fuel used by grouping the orders together.

After your items are collected by our driver, they are taken to our own facility. We do all the services under our own roof. Each order is processed separately – Laundry orders are weighed and cleaned, while all other services are individually itemised and processed. We take pride in supporting local and minimizing the carbon emissions from transport.

Your safety is very important to us and we would like to offer you the possibility of providing your own detergent. You can place the detergent inside the laundry bag and tell the driver. We will make sure to use the detergent provided by you.

We do offer the option for customers to provide their own laundry detergent. You can place the detergent inside the laundry bag and tell the driver. We will make sure to use the detergent provided by you.

Yes, please do. This will ensure everything will be processed as per your requirements. We strongly advise using a separate bag for each type of service you require (laundry, dry cleaning, ironing, etc).

Your items are handled with maximum care and up-to-date equipment. In the extremely rare case where damage occurs, it will be covered by our insurance in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. Please have in mind that all claims must be made within 48 hours after delivery.

Absolutely not. Each order is washed separately so no need to worry about that. Your clothes are safe with us!

For the safety of you and our partners, Laundry.co.nz now offers contactless delivery and pickup. If you prefer, you can place the laundry bag at the collection location of your choice and mention it in the “notes” while placing the order. Alternatively, you can still meet one of our trusted drivers at your door where they will ensure to remain at least 2 meters or more away from you.

We might be able to help here. For this you need to click 2 or 3 photographs of the dress and email it us on help@laundry.co.nz or you can send the photographs to our contact number (via whatsapp) and we will update you with the best possible solution.

In the unlikely event where an item goes missing, please let us know immediately either by sending an email to help@laundry.co.nz.com. Letting your driver know will not be sufficient. Any missing item must be reported to our team within 48 hours of the delivery of the order. All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Items are considered lost 30 days after the initial claim has been made.

Any reimbursement for a lost item will be limited to ten times the charge of cleaning the item, up to a maximum of $30. Anything beyond that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All decisions on lost items are at Laundry.co.nz’s discretion and are final. Some exceptions:
1) Laundry.co.nz does not take responsibility for any items such as watches, jewellery, cufflinks, money, wallets, etc. and shall have no liability for such items.
2) Laundry.co.nz does not accept liability for any personal laundry bags that are not Laundry.co.nz branded bags.
For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.

Although we always try our best to prevent any damages to your items, every garment will wear out over time, and there is nothing Laundry.co.nz can do to predict or prevent this. Any damage must be reported immediately either by sending an email to help@laundry.co.nz.com. Letting your driver know will not be sufficient. All damaged items must inspected by Laundry.co.nz through digital photos of each damaged item, within 48 hours of delivery of the order. All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Shrinkage from repeated laundering.
Color fading.
Small holes or tears.
Discoloration caused by hygiene or beauty products (deodorant, perfume, cologne).
Button or belts damage.
Thinning of fabric.

For damage related to normal wear and tear, Laundry.co.nz does not provide reimbursement or compensation. Furthermore, Laundry.co.nz is not liable for damage caused by you not selecting the correct service when placing an order (e.g. selecting a laundry service instead of dry cleaning), or when items are sent in incorrect bags (e.g. dry cleaning placed inside a labeled laundry bag). Laundry.co.nz is also not liable for damage caused by, but not limited to, items like pens and lipstick.

We pride ourselves with delivering a high quality service. However, if you are not completely satisfied, please let us know within 48 hours of the delivery of the order either by sending an email to help@laundry.co.nz.com. Letting your driver know will not be sufficient. All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and a re-wash will be offered at Laundry.co.nz’s discretion.

Without washing, the ironing quality of very creased garments might not be as expected. If your items are very wrinkled, we strongly recommend opting for a ‘Wash & Dry service” & then Ironing service as everything will be then ironed fresh out of the washing machine and the results will be fantastic. If you’ve sent extremely wrinkled items and you are not satisfied with the quality after processing, Laundry.co.nz might not be able to provide a refund/reprocessing. All claims should be made within 48 hours of the delivery either by sending an email to help@laundry.co.nz.com and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please get in touch with us prior to your booking so we can check this for you. We might be able to help if the alternate address is in the same area.

Our driver will come to collect your items, in the chosen time slot. If you do not have an available disposable bag for your items, our Laundry.co.nz driver will provide one at arrival. You just need to ask them!

If you are not home during the selected time slot we will have to add a fee to your invoice (check your local price list for the exact fee). Your driver is paid for every attempt they make, even if you are not there. You can always reschedule your collection/delivery free of charge up to 2h prior to your time slot, directly from your account area.

If you are not present at home at the time of delivery we will give you a call and drop the laundry on a requested place (that can be at door / driveway / neighbors etc.)

We completely understand. Just go to ‘My orders’, select the order you’d like to change/cancel and press on the ‘Order Help’ button in the upper right. It would be great if you could do that with at least 2 hours before the collection/delivery, otherwise a fee will be added to your invoice.

Our drivers will help you tag your bags according to the services you have booked online.

We have a minimum order value in each of the areas we service. Please check our prices for the minimum order value in your area.

When an order is placed a GST receipt is send to your email account along with the order details. If it is missed, a GST receipt is available for you to download in the My orders area of your account.
Simply click on the order you’d like to see the invoice for and the invoice will be conveniently located in the right area of the screen. You’ll find a GST number and the GST breakdown per your convenience.

Your safety is our concern. We use a highly secure payment platform called Stripe to process the payments. The platform safely stores all your sensitive information after encrypting using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). See https://stripe.com/help/security for further details.

If you have a voucher, you can redeem it directly when booking by clicking on ‘Add voucher’ in your booking form and inserting the code. You can only use on voucher per order.

If you have a load of 10-12kg and you want color separated wash, please book for 2 5kg wash service and put the loads in different bags for pickup. This way your colored clothes will be washed separately.

Yes – you are able to tip your driver directly.

You can update your details in “my account”.

For repeating an order, just go to “my account>my orders” and just click the order again button.

Any items made of natural fibers should benefit from a dry cleaning service, but you should check the care label of the items to make sure they are suitable for this. Even if dry cleaning is usually a safe option for most of the garments, not all items will react well to this cleaning process.

  1. A dye that is soluble in dry cleaning may fade during care. If two or more dyes have been used and only one is soluble, there is a good possibility of a dramatic color change. For example, if a yellow dye component of a green garment were to break down, you could be left with a blue garment. There is no way of knowing this in advance.
    2. Fading may occur in household items such as bedspreads and curtains/draperies. Often the fading may not be noticeable until the item is compared with a matching item. We recommend that all matching items be dry cleaned or laundered at the same time to ensure color uniformity.
    3. Most dyes eventually fade with exposure to sun or artificial light. Color failure may occur rapidly on exposed areas of garments such as shoulders, collars, and sleeves. Particularly sensitive are blue, green, and lavender dyes, especially those used on silk or wool fabrics.

In some cases, stains will show up after dry cleaning. The occurrence of the invisible stains is best explained by the example of an apple. When an apple is cut in half, the air will cause the apple to oxidize and turn brown. Many stains can be colorless at the time of contact with the fabric. After a period of time, they absorb oxygen from the air and develop into a visible stain. Invisible stains can occur on any fabric or garment, due to a manufacturer defect in the optical or fluorescent whitening agent applied to the fabric. When this agent begins to break down as the result of exposure to light, gases, or cleaning solutions, yellowing results. This problem cannot be corrected and can only be prevented by the manufacturer using stable brighteners. Laundry.co.nz will not be liable if this occurs.

When providing your laundry to Laundry.co.nz, it is important to follow the best practices below:
1) Check the care labels of the items and make sure they can be laundered and tumble dried. ‘Dry clean only’ items, or items that are meant to be hand washed or hang dried should not be provided mixed with your laundry. Laundry.co.nz will not be liable for items sent in for the wrong service.
2) Please remove all items from your pockets prior to your Laundry.co.nz collection. Pens, make-up and other similar items can cause loads of laundry to be damaged. Although we always try to spot these items prior to the cleaning, on some occasions they can be missed. If this occurs, Laundry.co.nz will not be liable for any damage caused as a result.
3) Make sure you add / check your care preferences while booking

4) Place all your delicate items in a special delicate washing bag and request a gentle wash for best cleaning results and to avoid damage.

Yes, that can still happen. Our partner facilities follow your instructions to ensure your items are cared for. If you request a low dry but some of your garments shrink, this is part of the normal wear and tear process. Some manufacturers build in a degree of shrinkage for their items, and, over time, this becomes more noticeable. Laundry.co.nz will not be liable if this occurs.

We want your clothes to stay healthy for you to use a long time, so we have asked our partner facilities if they have any tips on how to do that. Here is what they said:
1. Never iron stained clothes trying to wear them one more time before cleaning. This will only set stains and deepen them into the fabric, making them harder to remove when cleaned.
2. Do not put a garment away when changing wardrobe for the new season without cleaning it first. The most common complaint when this happens is that the clothes “were not dirty when I put them away for winter”, but now they are full of stains and small holes. Even the tiniest food crumb invites insects.
3. Body oils and perspiration left long on garments will weaken the fabric. Clean these items often to avoid this issue.

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